Goodness Organic Meat

Free range organic pork

We are proud to be one of the few farms to produce Organic free range pork.
We are passionate about health and welfare which goes hand in hand with the quality of meat. They are reared and fattened free-ranging outdoors and able to follow their natural behaviour foraging and rooting in the open,
with warm straw-bedded arks to sleep and shelter in.  
They are also fed all the spare veg going to waste on the farm. We use 
rare breed pigs to gain marbling and wonderful fat to add to the fuller flavour.
Best value...
Mixed pork boxes 5kg [including joints, chops, sausages and diced] £40
Bacon/ham joint box 2.5kg [includes small ham joints and packs of naturally dry cured bacon] £25
Or choose from...
Sausages £5 [approx. 750g] 
Shoulder joint boned/rolled £13.50kg
Leg/loin joint bones and rolled £14.50kg
Chops £12kg [approx 400g for 2]
Diced 400g bags £5

Organic Chicken

At Goodness we are introducing organic chicken to our customers! The chickens will be reared organically from birth on the farm having full access to wander freely on our organic fields. eating any left over greens the customers don't get! 










Please contact Caroline at Goodness for availability...