The Owlet Shop Micklegate




A new and exciting Owlet shop/bakery/Restaurant has opened at 104
Micklegate and we are proud to say we are  part of this new enterprise!!

We will be selling our Organic produce in the Owlet Shop every Friday!
9am-3pm.  It is a new and exciting prospect of shopping where different
local businesses will be using the Owlet each day to sell there produce-
focusing on local, organic, biodynamic and natural!
Come and visit us!

*The Owlet is also our collection point*
Do you live in York city centre? Pick up your veg bag order from the shop
on Friday and receive 15% discount and be more environmentally friendly at
the same time!

For more information please get in touch or check out the new shop/bakery
and restaurant at 104 Mickelgate on twitter @THERATTLEOWL