Goodness Farm

Goodness has developed and grown into a 7 acre organic farm near Strensall, York. We grow a wide range of organic vegetables, salads, herbs and fruit all year round. We Offer traditional and more unusual produce to get the taste buds going! We harvest the best produce on the farm and make up a range of different sized vegetable bags and deliver them to your door! Our bags are becoming very popular due to the fact the produce is local, fresh and full of flavour.


We are also developing the farm to become more sustainable and diverseso we made some additions. Firstly we now have three lovely alpacas namely Nikita, Beatrix and India! They provide amazing wool which we will turn into garments but also they produce rich manure which can be directly applied to the vegetables. 


We also have some new members of the team! Polly and Tim have brought along some bees to the farm! They will produce honey and aid pollination . Also Rachel from Ducks and Daphodils is growing a wonderful array of seasonal flowers on the farm which she sells as buckets or bouquets- or can also be delivered with the veg bags [£3 a bunch]. The flowers attract more of the lovely bugs we want!





Why Organic


At Goodness, our ethos is to grow using environmentally and animal friendly farming methods. We are very aware of the direct connection between our health and how the food we eat is produced. 

Instead of spraying our crops with chemicals to help them grow We develop fertile soil by growing green manures when the land is not being used for production. Green manures such as clover really help put nitrogen back into the soil and help develop a good growing structure.  Of course the Alpaca manure will also help with this too! We also rotate the crops to avoid disease.  We plant flowers amongst our vegetable crops to encourage ladybirds, hoverflies, bees and beetles to feast on the pests that like to eat our crops. By using natural pest control methods, we can avoid using chemicals or pesticides. It’s a mini beast paradise!





Organic Veg Box Scheme


We sell our delicious produce through a veg box scheme. Delivering in York and surrounding villages. We offer many different sizes and styles to cater for all families and preferences. Please see our veg bag page for more details!.



Restaurants and Deli’s


We are very proud to supply our produce to some of the

top restaurants and Deli’s in Yorkshire!


You can find our produce in……


Café NO 8, Gillygate, York


Meltons, Scarcroft road, York


Food For Thought deli and bakers, York


Tarts and Tit Bits, Gillygate, York


If you are interested in Wholesale please give me a call!